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Ayahuasca Diet/Dieta


These are strong recommendations to compliment your journey. Note that all Dieta or Diet are different based upon the Shaman/ Facilitator who is facilitating the ceremony. 


A Dieta/Dieta is either given to you by the Shaman or the plant directly speaks to you through meditations, dreams, etc. Throughout my own connection with the plant, these practices naturally came to me. I personally recommend a Dieta that encompasses the Alchemy of Mind/ Body/ Spirit.




Meditation is recommended at least 3 days before the ceremony to connect with yourself internally, emotionally, and spiritually. Simple forms such as breathing meditations or listening to meditation music is very beneficial to the mind and the nervous system. You can easily go on youtube and find beautiful meditation music. 


Nature Meditation: Getting out in Nature is very beneficial prior to working with the plant. Take a walk, go to a body of water, sit underneath a tree, and just be with the medicine of her. Familiarize yourself with the sounds of the insects, birds, and the elements as it calms the nervous system.


Silent Meditation: Learning to give yourself space of silent reflection I find to be important. Journal, write, and I highly recommend not talking to everyone about your ceremony. People live in their projections and perspectives and will feel obliged to insert their opinions into your process. If you have a mentor/ guide/ therapist who knows your spiritual journey, those connections are suitable to talk about your process. 




Yoga/ Tai Chi/ Qui Chong are powerful practices to get into the body and feel where you are holding energy as the movement is transmuting it. Whatever energy we bring into the ceremony may become elevated working with the medicine. It's important to come into the ceremony as clean as possible. I highly recommend doing a practice 5-7 days prior before the ceremony. If you don’t have a regular practice, you can easily go to Youtube and look at videos to follow along with.


Rest as much as possible:  It's important to get a proper night's rest before the ceremony so you can stay alert and awake even as you journey.


Food: Vegan and/or Vegetarian diet is strongly recommended along with avoiding processed foods, spicy foods, ripe fruits, avocados, citrus foods, and garlic at least 2-3 days before the ceremony. I would strongly avoid a lot of carbohydrates such as spaghetti, cakes and refined flours. Also do not not consume a lot of sugar. 


If you desire eating meat, I strongly recommend not eating red meat, especially pork. Fish is okay but not very fatty. You can also eat eggs and yogurt.  


2-3 days prior to the ceremony, avoid consumption of alcohol, coffee, black tea, or green tea.


It is strongly recommended to fast on the day of the ceremony, drinking lots of water. If you want to eat something, give yourself at least 8 hours before the ceremony, Fruits and vegetables are preferred.




It is a strongly  recommendation that you are completely off all medications/supplements prior to the ceremony. If you are on any psychotropic medications, please consult with your doctor.




What is your Spirituality? It’s one of those questions that are important to ponder. When we have no spiritual foundation, it may create a level of confusion in the ceremony causing one to feel conflicted and psychologically imbalanced. Ayahuasca is considered the vine of the soul for a reason. It gives one an experience of connecting to your authenticity and vibration which is layered in so much wisdom. To try to figure out everything during the ceremony can create anxiety. However, when you have a spiritual practice, it grounds one into the present moment and you remain open and curious. 


If you come from a place of re-discovering what spirituality means to you, Ayahuasca has a great way to help you refine your spiritual practices. Recommendations like Yoga and Meditation can be utilized as a Spiritual anchor as you begin to rediscover your Soul.




When coming out of the Ceremony, one of the major keys is Integration. It is such an important process because psychologically the mind wants to figure out what happened, why and is looking for a narrative to latch onto again. However, spiritually you went through a transformation and the language of that is not of the mind but of the soul. 


Working with the Psychology of the Minds for over 20 years in the Mental Health Field, I consider this piece a very important component. Everyone integrates differently and integration is not something that is complete but rather an unfolding. 


I like to offer 1 follow up integration as part of participating in the ceremony. Additional sessions are available either with myself or other Qualified Earth Medicine Integration Coaches that has been trained in the Ecology Clinical Shamanism Institute.


I also recommended gradually adding sugar, spices, and processed foods back in your diet as the body is also still integrating. Drink lots of water as well.

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