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Summary Guide

What are Cryptocurrencies?


  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

What is blockchain technology?

Why should you learn about crypto currencies?

How to buy cryptocurrencies?

  • You need a way of converting your local currency/money into digital currency.
    • Option #1 Digital exchange called kucoin
      • Advantages
        • Can buy cryptocurrency with a credit card
        • You can buy and sell hundreds of different cryptocurrencies instantly
        • There is no KYC
      • Disadvantages, the fees are a bit high when you purchase with a credit card
    • Option #2 You can buy with an app called the Cash App.  This is only available for people in the United States and the UK Get $10 free with this link
      • Advantages
        • Low Fees
      • Disadvantages
        • You can only buy bitcoin with it
        • If you want to buy other coins you will have to send the bitcoin to another platform (like kucoin)

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