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Earth Medicine Integration coaching is about helping people to process their experiences with Shamanic Earth Medicines such as Kambo, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, Bufo, Rapeh, and Sananga while upholding the sacredness of the spirits of these medicines.


Having 2 Masters Degrees in Psychology with a specialization in Trauma and Addiction and working in the healing field for over 21 years, I innerstand the world of Clinical Application. Although helpful, it doesn't model the Wholistic Approach to healing.  


Many of us don't come from a background where we grew up working with these medicines early, so our process can look and feel different. The maturity level of the individual's consciousness determines the journey along with prior work. In indigenous cultures, integration comes in the form of working with medicine more deeply, special diets, and connecting to the elements and rituals such as spiritual dancing, energy work, and sound healing. 


In the Ecology of Clinical Shamanism Institute, the Earth Medicine Integration Coaches not only learn how to guide people more deeply along their Shamanic Path but are also trained in other healing modalities, such as

~ Shadow Work

~Inner Child Healing

~Trauma and Addiction

~Grief and Loss

~Womb/ Sexual healing


What also makes the Institute different from other Plant Medicine Coaching programs is that the students are trained as Kambo and Psilocybin Facilitators who know how to hold space thoroughly. And they go through a training of Rapeh and Sananga, unlike what you may find on most YouTube videos.


The Initiation process is traditionally based, led by myself and my mentor, an Elder Ayahuasca Shaman. This process helps to integrate the wisdom of the medicines and deepen the connection that you're not going to experience doing any other way and is highly sacred.


Having proper guidance during your journeys (before and after) is vital to the healing process because your life will change after, which was the point of coming to the medicine. Anchoring the Wisdom is one of our specialties, and working with Qualified, Trained Professionals who completed the program will support your process. 


Below is a directory of students who completed the Ecology Clinical Shamanism Institute training and are taking individuals for Soul Sessions. 

Whether you have come to one of our retreats or have sat elsewhere, their education, wisdom, and experience-along with their specialties-may just be what you need to embody the wisdom and sacredness of these beautiful Earth Medicines.

How many Soul Sessions do you and your Coach determine one needs? I highly recommend at least one. 

Feel free to contact them to schedule your Soul Session.

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Lily Zepeda

Lily Zepeda is a certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor & Earth Medicine Integration specialist with over 10 years of experience leading workshops, retreats and working with Master Coaches. She combines her training at the Ecology of Shamanism Institute with her experience in inner-child work, Somatics and Polyvagal Theory Foundations. Lily specializes in helping others to inner-stand their bodies, nervous system regulation and sacred medicine healing journeys. She believes that plant medicine's profound healing experiences do not end with the ceremony, and her integration coaching allows clients to unify the visions, messages, and epiphanies from the experience into their day-to-day life.


Frantzces Lys

Frantzces is a clinical therapist operating as an Earth medicine integration coach and Kambo Practitioner. Her mission is to create the space so people can awaken to what’s within. She does this through her wellness company Defying Resistance, a blog that inspires people to move past the resistance in their lives so they can step into their fullest potential. And also through her Sacred Immersion Retreats, a 7-day plant medicine immersive experience that uses plant medicines as additional resources for deep transformative healing. Frantzces is the co-founder of Chronicles Abroad, a travel podcast that has been featured in Travel + Leisure, TravelNoire, and Nomadic Matt that inspires people to travel with passion and purpose. She’s also the founder of T.A.P.T. Therapists Are People Too, a raw, uncensored, and unconventional podcast that supports therapists and healers while they do the work. Frantzces is also the host of Turning Points: Navigating Mental Health a mental health podcast sponsored by Boston Globe Media and Point32 Health. Lastly, she’s also the Blog Manager, Writer and Editor for Black Girl Ventures.


Autum Schumacher

Earth Medicine Integration Coach Kambo Practitioner, Plant Medicine Woman, Integrative Health Educator, Nutritional Chef


Autum specializes in helping people alchemize Heart, Body, & Internal Systems in preparation for, and following plant medicine immersions.


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