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I’m Taheera Maat,  Shamanic Medicine Woman, Tantrist, and Clinical Trained Therapist. I’ve been in the healing field for over 21 years  and have had a multitude of roles and titles throughout my clinical years with 2 Masters Degrees and several certifications.


When people ask me when I first began my Shamanic journey, it is not a linear answer. I’ve been on this journey infinitely and I come back to assist in the expansion of human consciousness. 


Particularly the Goddess, warriors, and medicine women who have glimpses of past lives  that show them who they. However, due to society, cultural backgrounds, shame, they are afraid to fully embrace their inner coding and wisdom.


This 2 year apprenticeship is designed to assist in the initiations to come into the Full Embodiment of the Medicine Woman that you are. This is an holistic approach of honoring the mind, body, and spirit through a process of rebalancing neurological patterns, awakening the wisdom in the DNA. It is a full blown journey of mysticism, magic, empowerment, and activations.

Course Outline

8 Week Temple Purification

Most people, even though they obtain high levels of knowledge, are energetically, and mentally “imbalance”. Working with minds for over 21 years, I have a sixth sense of spotting a polarity still looping which blocks one from their potential. The reason why this happens is because there are still blockages in the neurons which creates imbalances in the mind as well as the gut. The gut represents the “first brain” and what people call “third eye” is actually the “first eye” because it is the projection/ perspective we are broadcasting into our world.

When knowledge is digested from an imbalanced system, the neurological pattern doesn’t change and the knowledge is just information. In order to alchemize the knowledge into wisdom, the first eye and the gut must be cleaned. 

EMDR which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing is about working on the gut (mind) and prefrontal cortex to stimulate the first eye in order to change the neurological patterns in the brain, creating a clear path for the knowledge to alchemize into wisdom. This process will change how you think, therefore giving you a brand new perspective on life.

Intro to Tantra, Kundalini, and the Womb

We begin to start rebuilding the pillars of what we know and think about sexual energy and the womb differenty. Our sexual energy is the power source that activates our worlds and Tantra is about mastering that. Alot of people think Tantra is just about  physical sex  but,  it is a spiritual practice that teaches one the power of their own kundalini energy and learning to be more present with it. 


Womb Healing is essential in order to dive deep into your Shamanic Coding. Through timelines, there are layers of our wombs that have be infiltrated causing distortions. Cleansing the womb is in direct connection with cleansing the mind. It is the process of getting rid of energetic parasites that causes disagreements within, meaning that an unhealthy ego continues to run the show.  When you cleanse the energetic/mental parasites you alchemize the ego into a healthy one which creates more harmony and balance in your life being able to open your mind up to hyper dimensional realms remaining grounded and balanced.

Trauma Informed, Inner Child Healing

Our souls are infinite therefore so our experiences.  To accept that we chose our paths means also accepting that our "trauma contracts" are part of our expansion. Western Medicine caters to the Trauma instead of the Cure. Shamanic Medicine is recognizing that those stories are part of our experiences and learning to love all parts of ourselves harmoniously. NOW it's about transmitting the pain, which is curing the trauma.

Inner Child Healing is the foundation of all healing. This takes a full blown ego death of the masculine and the feminine to rewire, the belief systems and reparent one self. This can be a very intense process because it will challenge your relationships, especially with you parents but overall harmonize them as well.

This will be the beginning of bridging the gap between clinical  and shamanic applications. The first stage is getting you prepared to work with the spiritual psychology of the mind, particularly the “Western” Conditioned  by going deep into the metaphysical psychology.

The Psychology of Shamanism

The term Shaman has been overused especially in the western world. We tend to joke around of what these terms mean but really don’t innerstand the vibration of what that word represents. 


Alot of indigenous cultures stop using this word because the Western Mental Mindset mimics what it doesn't  fully understand. A Shamans mind stays in the hyper dimensional space which means we are the wisdom keepers, the weavers of all time and have access to all types of information that is transmitted directly from source. It is our responsibly to share the knowledge to as many people as possible remaining detached.  It is like we took a Cosmic Oath and our internal dialogue is constantly checking us to remain in balance. 

This will be an introduction into Shamanism and the psychological differences as well as learning about Elemental Technology, Astral Traveling,  connecting to Ancestors, and the Embodiment of Spirits.

Shamanic/Tantra Energy Healing

Shamanic Energy Healing is a combination of connecting healing touch, instruments, movement, and plant medicine (optional).  For this part of the training we will focus on healing touch and utilizing oracle cards, dance, and shamanic instruments to transform energy.


Energy Work is one of the most ancient ways of healing and cleansing the auric field.  This ancient wisdom is inside of every human being which is why there is no set way of activating this technology. It has existed in various cultures throughout many centuries with no standard scientific definition. 

Earth Medicine Integration Coaching

Obtaining 2 Masters Degrees  in Psychology with a specialization in Trauma and Addiction and working in the healing field for over 21 years, I innerstand the importance of integration. A Lot of us don’t come from a background where we grew up working with these medicines at an early age so how we process can look and feel different. 

In the Ecology of Clinical Shamanism Institute the Earth Medicine Integration Coaches, not only learn how to guide people more deeply along their Shamanic Path but are trained in other healing modalities such as:


~ Shadow Work

~Inner Child Healing

~Trauma and Addiction

~Grief and Loss

~Womb/ Sexual healing

Shamanic Medicine Immersion/ Apprenticeship 2024

After a year of study, deep healing and cleansing .you will come here to the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks to study with  the plants and Kambo. You will stay at  Oasis en la Montana aka Oasis in the Mountains Retreat Center  and connect to the the land, ancestors,  and the elements.  This  initiation will begin  by sitting with Grandmother Ayahuasca which I will explain further during the interview.

You will be trained in Rapeh, Sananga, Kambo, Psilo-Syrian Rue, Cocoa and Psilocybin. You will also go through a training of the Elements, working with Shamanic Instruments, and Transformational Dance. 

The second year is all about practice and creating a specific niche in the healing industry.

We are here to birth nations, mentally moving beyond limited beliefs, and setting yourself up to be the force that you are. It can be challenging due to inner and  external judgment.  You learn about energetic exchanges and investments,  balancing your currency, knowing that you are deserving. We will also have Spiritual Business Coaches to discuss social media tips, email lists, promoting, and much more.

Manuals and Medicine Kits

You will receive a total of 3 Manuals along with your Medicine Bag when you come to the Dominican Republic.

Ecology of Clinical Shamanism School Manual Refined (1).jpg

Book Recommendations are OPTIONAL. The process is a very deep immersion so  you may  find yourself  integrating alot of Divine wisdom. However, here are a few recommendations that could support you in your process.

 Of  Water and Spirit-Malidoma Patrice Some

Women who run with the Wolves- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Tantra Illuminated-Christopher Wallis

Emerald Tablets- Billy Carson

The Emerald Tablet-Dennis William

The code to the Matrix-Sevan Bomar

When the Drummers were Women-Layne Redmond

Highlights from the 2022 Medicine Immersion




" When the soul is ready to awaken, it calls in teachers of Spirit. If you’re lucky, you’ll find someone like Taheera,  a new, down-to-earth spiritual guide! When Taheera Ma'at comes into your life, it is not by accident but because your soul has guided you to her. Her school is a force of awakening. She’s created a sacred resource for us to reclaim ancient wisdom that had been stolen. Taheera brings her bright light to share accessible ways to be of service, to yourself and to the world. She is a singing voice that guided me to my truest spiritual freedom."

~Adey Chekol

Overview of the Program

For the first year we will be meeting every Monday starting March. 20th 5:30~7:30 PM/ EST via zoom. 

There will be weeks off and special guests. All classes will be recorded and uploaded within 48 hours.

The second year begins with the 2 Week Plant Medicine Immersion here in the Dominican Republic , and Part 2 of the Shamanic Apprenticeship.

What you will receive



Alumini Discount

Ceremony Playlists

You will receive a Certificate of Completion outlining matriculation of material covered throughout the program to serve as a reference for yourself and client referrals.

The relationships that are built in this sacred space are  PRICELESS.

Alumni Discounts to Womb Gatherings, upcoming courses, medicine, and retreats.

Music is a HUGE part when working with Shamanic medicine. You have access to all my playlists which I  update frequently.



Energy Exchange: $10,000

Pay in Full Discount: $8999

(email me directly at

Pay a lump sum and make payments towards balance

2 Year Payment Plans is  available.

$375/month for 24 months.

Deposit: $1000

Session Start: March 20th,2023

*This includes residency expenses but not flight costs*

This is a real commitment and it takes someone who is dedicated to themselves through the highs of lows of expansion which takes great accountability and discernment. These initiations are activated by YOU which can be beautiful and intense.  That means staying open to guidance and support is necessary. If all this aligns, please fill out the questionnaire and set up your Soul Session.  It is REQUIRED.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking to you. And so it is...


Q: How do I access the course information?

A:You can access the course content on any device. If you have any questions, contact support. The classes are held on Mighty Network.

Q:When does the course start and end?

The Course starts Sept.14th , 2022 with orientation prior to starting class (TBD). Graduation will be Sept of 2024.

Q: What day/time class begins and end?

A:Classes will be every Wednesday via zoom 5:30pm~730pm EST for the length of the course (unless I have to reschedule or do a pre-recorded lecture ,which I will let the class know ahead of time. All clases are recorded.

Q:Are individual sessions included?

A:Yes. The first year individual sessions will be done once a month and it's the person responsibility to schedule.

During the 2nd year of Apprenticeship, individual sessions will be done twice a month.

Q: If I decide in the middle of the Program to leave, what happens?

A: 1. If you decide to leave in the middle of the Program we will do an Exit Interview with myself and the Alumni to go over any  concerns you may be having.

2. You will have to pay the balance for the months you were in the program.

3. You will will be removed from the program but still be a part of the free E.C.S. online community (optional).

4. You will not be able to use any of the material for your own marketing/ promotion.

5. If you leave after the 2 week medicine immersion you can't use Ecology of  Clinical Shamanism School or Taheera Maat as a point of reference if you choose to work with the medicine. This means you won't have any additional support from us.

Q: Are there refunds?

A: No there are no refunds.

If all this resonates...

Fill Out the Questionnaire.  After application is received, part 2 is the interview process which I will send you a link to sign up for your Soul Session.


Taheera is an Ayahuasca Shaman, Kambo Practitioner, and Clinical Trained Therapist who has been working in the healing field for over 21 years.  She holds 2 Masters Degrees one in Professional Counseling with a specialization in Trauma and another one in Human Services specializing in Addiction and is a E.M.D.R. Certified Therapist. She is the founder of the Ecology of Clinical Shamanism Institute, a 2 year Apprenticeship where women learn about Shamanism, Metaphysics, get trained in Shamanic Earth Medicines, and become Integration Coaches. Taheera has also completed Metaphysical Trainings ranging from Past Life Regression, Akashic Records, Angel Healing and is a Reiki Master. Taheera holds most retreats at her retreat space, Oasis en las Montañas (Oasis in the Mountains) in the Dominican Republic where she lives. She studies with her current mentor Joel Villayamor, an Ayahuasca Shaman who has been working with the plant for over 17 years as well as participated in trainings with the Late Elder Malidoma Patrice Some, an African Shaman who inspired her to be bridge the worlds of Clinical and Shamanic Application. She continues to be a student as she shares her wisdom of the Goddess, helping people come back to Balance, Wholeness and Joy.


Taheera Maat

Founder of Ecology of Clinical Shamanism

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