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Enrollment for Cycle 5 is now open!

Class begins Nov.22nd,2023

I’m Taheera Ma'at,  and I’ve been in the healing field for over 21 years and have had many roles and titles throughout my clinical years, with 2 Masters's Degrees and several certifications.


What led me to create this program was my unique experiences and encounters with Mentors who were reflections of Embodied Wisdom, Medicine Healers and Sovereignty.

Ecology Clinical Shamanism bridges the gap between the Clinical and Shamanic World of healing that encompasses a holistic approach.


It is a 1-year program designed to not only take you into the depths of your Soul but to Awaken the Wisdom, Sovereign, Medicine Healer inside of yourself. 


I do NOT ordain you as a Shaman, Guru, or anything of that nature. The ordainment happens within, and one of the biggest takeaways you will gain from this journey is learning to come back to balance and fully trust yourself again living and serving from the heart.

And so it is...

Course Outline

8 Week Temple Purification/Meditation

During the 8 Week Temple Purification, you will undergo a chakra cleansing process. Each chakra stores different energy associated with our experiences and belief systems. When the chakras are imbalanced, digesting more profound wisdom and being fully present can be challenging.

EMDR, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, is about working on the gut (mind) and prefrontal cortex to stimulate the first eye to change the neurological patterns in the brain, creating a clear path for
knowledge to alchemize into wisdom. This process will change your thoughts, giving you a new perspective on life

4 Week Cosmic Tantra

The Sanskrit word 'Tantra' derives from the verbal root tan, meaning 'to weave' or 'compose', and refers to a type of instructional text, often written as a dialogue between a god and a goddess. Tantra teaches one how to embody the Goddess and/or God with themselves by innerstanding the science of sexuality. Learn the fundamentals of balancing out the masculine and feminine within yourself by learning advanced/ancient technologies.

14 Week Shamanism

Shamanism is a methodology, not a religion, used to describe the practices of healers in various regions worldwide, including central and north Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, Siberia, Central Asia, Eastern and Northern Europe, and Africa. It represents the most widespread and ancient methodological system of healing known to humanity. In this practice, the shaman is seen as the great specialist of the human soul, able to 'see' it, knowing its 'form' and its destiny. 

Shamanic practitioners generally use "nonordinary reality," or controlled entrancement, to access the information they seek on behalf of their patients. Shamanic systems combine naturalistic and personalistic approaches to help people return to peace, balance, and wholeness.

This module will teach you different techniques and modalities, such as the medicine wheel, connecting to spirit animals, Ancestralization, Elemental Technology, and more.

8 Week Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is a holistic practice that involves the use of the energetic interaction between the practitioner and the patient to restore harmony to the patient's energy system. It is based on the belief that human beings are fields of energy that constantly interact with other fields of energy from others and the environment. The goal of energy therapies is not just to cure diseases but to heal by placing the patient within the context of their lives and understanding their dynamic interconnectedness with themselves and their environment. 

This can include various forms of energy medicine, such as electromagnetic, sound, and light therapies, and even distant healing, where the practitioner does not physically touch the patient but uses the intention to channel healing energy. We will be going over Advanced Chakra Healing techniques as well as being trained in Energy Medicine.

4 Week Earth Medicine Integration Coaching

Obtaining 2 Masters Degrees in Psychology with a specialization in Trauma and Addiction and working in the healing field for over 21 years, I innerstand the importance of integration. 

In the Ecology of Clinical Shamanism Institute the Earth Medicine Integration Coaches, you not only learn how to guide people more deeply along their Shamanic Path but are trained in other healing modalities such as:


~ Shadow Work

~Inner Child Healing

~Trauma and Addiction

~Grief and Loss

~Womb/ Sexual healing

2 Week Business Training

In today's fast-paced and competitive world, entrepreneurship has evolved beyond the traditional pursuit of profit maximization. A new paradigm has emerged that combines business acumen with personal growth and spiritual development.

Spiritual entrepreneurship involves incorporating deeper purpose, ethical values, and mindfulness practices into entrepreneurial ventures. It signifies a profound shift towards a holistic and sustainable approach to business, aligning material success with inner fulfillment and social impact.

Learn how to take your spiritual gifts to the next level and live in the abundance of your purpose.

2 Week Medicine Immersion/Graduation

After a year of study, deep healing, and cleansing, .you will come here to the Dominican Republic for two weeks to study with the plants and Kambo. You will stay at the Oasis en la Montana, aka Oasis in the Mountains Retreat Center, and connect to the land, ancestors, and the elements.

You will be trained in Rapeh, Sananga, Kambo, Psilo-Syrian Rue, and Psilocybin. You will also go through training with the Elements, working with Shamanic Instruments and Ancestralization. 

At the end of the 2 weeks, you will go through a graduation ceremony to complete the process.

Manuals and Medicine Kits

You will receive a total of 3 Manuals along with your Medicine Bag when you come to the Dominican Republic.

Ecology of Clinical Shamanism School Manual Refined (1).jpg

Book Recommendations are OPTIONAL. The process is an intense immersion, so you may integrate much Divine wisdom. However, here are a few recommendations that could support your process.

 Of  Water and Spirit-Malidoma Patrice Some

Women who run with the Wolves- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Tantra Illuminated-Christopher Wallis

Emerald Tablets- Billy Carson

The Emerald Tablet-Dennis William

The code to the Matrix-Sevan Bomar

When the Drummers were Women-Layne Redmond

Mooji-White Fire

Highlights from the 2022-2023 Medicine Immersion Cohorts 1 and 2



Ready to join these sisters?

Overview of the Program

  • 42 Classes plus Guest Teachers (Valued at $10,500).

  • Monthly One on One Sessions (Valued at $25o per session: $3000 a year).

  • 2 Week Shamanic Medicine Immersion (Valued at $5555).

Value Total=$19,055 (Not the final cost).

What you will receive


Directory List

Alumini Discount

Ceremony Playlists

You will receive a Certificate of Completion outlining matriculation of material covered throughout the program to serve as a reference for yourself and client referrals.

You will be put on the directory list for future clients,

Alumni Discounts to Womb Gatherings, upcoming courses, medicine, and retreats.

Music is a HUGE component when working with medicine. You will have access to all my playlists which I  update frequently.


" When the soul is ready to awaken, it calls in teachers of Spirit. If you’re lucky, you’ll find someone like Taheera,  a new, down-to-earth spiritual guide! When Taheera Ma'at comes into your life, it is not by accident but because your soul has guided you to her. Her school is a force of awakening. She’s created a sacred resource for us to reclaim ancient wisdom that had been stolen. Taheera brings her bright light to share accessible ways to be of service, to yourself and to the world. She is a singing voice that guided me to my truest spiritual freedom."

~Adey Chekol


42 Classes (Valued at $10,500) for $5000

Monthly One on One Sessions (Valued at  $3000 a year ) included in the program

2 Week Shamanic Medicine Immersion (Valued at $5555) for $5000


Payment Options

Save almost 50% off

Total Energy Exchange: $10,000

Pay in Full Discount: $8999

(email me directly at

Down payment of $500 to reserve your spot

Payments plans are available.

Pay a lump sum and make payments toward the balance.


*Only 8 students are accepted. *


Start Date: Wednesday, Nov. 22nd, 2023 

(Classes will be held weekly via Zoom)

Time: 5:30pm AST~7:30pm AST


**There are no scholarships, financial assistance, or bartering accepted***


Fill out the questionnaire to schedule your Soul Session.


Q: How do I access the course information?

A: You can access the course content on any device. If you have any questions, contact support. The classes are held on Mighty Network.

Q: When does the Course start and end?

The Course starts November 22nd , 2o23.

5:30 pm AST~7:30 pm AST via Zoom.

Graduation will be after the 2 Week Immersion

in Oct. 2024.

Q: Are individual sessions included?

A: Yes, sessions will be done once a month, and it's the person's responsibility to schedule them.

Q: If I decide in the middle of the Program to leave, what happens?

A: 1. If you decide to leave in the middle of the Program, we will do an Exit Interview with myself and the Alumni  (optional) to go over any concerns you may be having.

2. You will have to pay the balance for the months you were in the Program.

3. You will be removed from the Program/Course but still be a part of the free E.C.S. online community (optional). This means you will not access to any of the recordings as well.

4. You cannot use any material from the program for your marketing/ promotion purposes.

Q: Are there refunds?

A: No, there are no refunds.


Taheera facilitates planet medicine journeys; Goddess Circles is a Kambo Practitioner and Clinical Trained Therapist who has been healing for over 21 years. She holds 2 Masters's Degrees, one in Professional Counseling with a specialization in Trauma and another in Human Services specializing in Addiction, and is an E.M.D.R. Certified Therapist. She founded the Ecology of Clinical Shamanism Institute, a 1-year apprenticeship journey where people learn about Shamanism, Metaphysics and get trained in Jungle Medicines.


 Taheera has also completed Metaphysical Training ranging from Past Life Regression, Akashic Records, and Angel Healing and is a Reiki Master. Taheera holds most retreats at her retreat space, Oasis en las Montañas (Oasis in the Mountains) in the Dominican Republic, where she lives, and holds retreats throughout the U.S.A.


She has studied with Mentors and Medicine Healers, such as an Iboga Shaman and Kambo Teacher, and is currently studying with her mentor Joel Villayamor, being trained in Ayahuasca. She has also participated in training with the Late Elder Malidoma Patrice Some, an African Shaman who inspired her to bridge the worlds of Clinical and Shamanic Application. She continues to be a student as she shares her wisdom of the Goddess, helping people come back to Peace, Balance, Wholeness, and Joy.


Taheera Ma'at

Founder of Ecology of Clinical Shamanism

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