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Oasis in the Mountains Retreat Center

Jamao Al Norte, Dominican Republic

  • Shamanic Medicine

  • Plant medicine

  • Wellness modalities

  • High Vitality meals

It will be an honor to have your support!

Taheera Maat~Shamanic Medicine Woman, Clinical Trained Therapist, Writer


Jose Manuel~Vegetarian Chef, Temazcal Facilitator


Glenn Ambrose~Spiritual Teacher, Author of  "Down To Earth"


It has always been a dream of mine, to  have a sacred space for ultimate healing,  sacred fires, womb gatherings and a sanctuary for people who just need to get away.


I had this vision play out in my mind for many years and, to finally see it manifest is confirmation how everything is in perfect alignment when one honors their own path. 


This retreat space is to provide opportunities of deep levels of expansion and quantum healing. Currently we have 4 cabanas being built but need assistance in getting furniture and other supplies that are necessary to complete the project. We also have space for “glamping” and people who are interested in camping out on the land.


We are also opening a restaurant where Manuel, my partner, will be cooking all plant based foods in support of people's journey while they are staying with us.


The space will be open for other healers who are interested in hosting retreats because we believe in the community effort of raising the frequency of the consciousness.


Please look at the detailed outline of what we need. We will be honored for anything that you feel called to contribute.

First Phase Goal

Second Phase Goal


Appliances (stove, refrigerator, sink, lighting, cooking material)

Furnishings (Tables & chairs)


Plates, cups

Propane tanks 

Water filtration

Washer and dryer


Bungalows x 4 (dorm ideas)

Toilets and sinks, shower fixtures

  • 2 twins or quad bunks

  • Beds, furniture bathroom & porch

  • lamps, desks, furniture

  • Paint, decorations

  • towels, blankets, pillows, bedding

Build a hexagonal tent (20 people)

Deck flooring 

Rug - alter space


Transportation jeep/truck 4x4 all drive


Sound system (speakers)

Additional sleeping area

4 tents (teepee tents)

Cots- inflatable beds 


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