I am honored to announce the Mystery School of Maat will be officially opening in March!
This space was created for people who are interested in becoming the Dean of their Innerverse. Recognizing that they are the creators of their existence and learn to EMBODY what was once “lost.”

There will be ongoing monthly classes that are taught from tribe that completed the Alchemist Healer Program or Lion Heart Initiation process, also guest speakers that speak to the resonance of Sovereignty.

These classes will include:
~Sexual Vitality
~Yogic Healing
~Holistic Fitness
~The Alchemist Apothecary
~Womb/ Ancestral/ Gathering
~Spiritual Alchemy/ Astronomy
~ Shamanic Medicine
~ Financial Sovereignty

Over 20 years in the healing field working with so many beautiful souls as well as my own shamanic homecoming, this is a heartfelt vision that existed long before I was “conscious”and I’m deeply grateful to be in a space where I can bring it into full spectrum!

taheera_maat Tomorrow at 11:00 am (AST) /IG Live, tune in as I have a conversation with one of the Soul Guides that will be teaching “Integrative Embodiment”

Vanessa @lavidafitnessllc is a holistic healer and well~ being coach who believes that exercise is medicine and that being “fit” is more than exercise. Being fit is about connecting the mind, body and spirit to the movement of the body. She believes that everyone has warrior wisdom inside of them and loves to inspire people to find the power that exists when they connect their mind to their body being in both motion and balance. A mom of two teenagers, 1 dog and several cats, she finds inspiration and connection to her soul when by the ocean and exploring nature. #shamanic #metaphysics #mysteryschool

Tune in as I have a conversation with one of the Soul Guides that will be teaching “Yogic Healing”

Brieanne @missbrie.ujjayi is a natural born healer, using the mediums of breath, movement, and love to connect back to self. She has an understanding and animated energy, allowing you to feel comfortable and open up to your unconditional authentic-self. Brieanne enjoys plant-based foods, exploring in nature, reading and education, and spending time with her beloved partner and two kitties. She loves engaging with new energies and welcoming new students to her unique path of healing. Feel free to say hello and connect with her on or off the mat!#onlineacademy #sovereignty #shamanism

taheera_maat Tune in as I have a conversation with one of the Soul Mentors that will be teaching “Alchemist Apothecary”

Autum @alaskahhna is a classically trained French Chef turned Nutritional Herbalist. A former gypsy, who originally hails from Alaska, she was raised very close to the land. Her family worked in cooperation with both Sea and Mountain, to provide the majority of their sustenance and income. She has spent over 10yrs exploring the US, and the globe, gleaning everything she could of the plants, and foods native to the regions visited. When her own health took an unexpected turn, she paused with her knife & apron, dug out the gardening gloves, and got back to nature. An avid bookworm, notorious tree hugger, and born healer, she has an insatiable heart for helping. Her specialty is assisting those with autoimmune conditions thrive and enjoy life through synergetic incorporation of beneficial botanicals, nutrition, and integrative lifestyle shifts. Recently rooted in the Dominican Republic, she brings her lifelong study, and companionship of the plant world into the digital classroom with a heart centered exuberance. #onlineacademy #sovereignty #shamanism