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Sananga supports a deep cleansing process, physically and spiritually. One of the main active ingredients is Ibogaine, an African Shrub used to connect to the Ancestors. This medicine decalcifies and stimulates the third eye,  which helps with clarity and focus. It is considered very potent and mystical.

Rapé (Ha-pe)

Rapé (or pronounced Hape’) is considered an air medication, with the main component being tobacco and other ancient medicinal herbs. The medicine is taken through the nose to cleanse physical and psycho-spiritual impurities, clearing the chakra field for a direct channel to your higher consciousness. There are a wide variety of blends from different tribes throughout the Amazon.


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Ayahuasca is a Master Plant of the Forest which means the vine of the soul or the vine with a soul. The ingredients also include the chacruna plant, which also has DMT. The DMT creates the experience, and when taken in ceremonial doses, it causes one to journey into one's psyche and soul. DMT is a psychedelic that infuses within our own  DMT as certain parts of the brain relax to access higher-level consciousness. 

Taking Micro Aya has short and long-term benefits, including regenerating beta cells, stimulating the pineal gland, deepening meditation,  and improving the overall perception of life.

Kambo Frog (Sapo) Medicine

Kambo is a sacred shamanic medicine used by indigenous tribes in the Amazon. How Kambo discovered was that there was a Shaman who was observing how the warriors and hunters of the tribe's senses were a bit off, as well as seeing their community getting sick from parasites and other illnesses. It is known to be the "Vaccine of the Forest" and works on the lymphatic system, which helps one to "purge" out impurities.



Psilocybin, aka Magic mushrooms, looks much like ordinary mushrooms. They were used by the Mazatec Shamans, one in particular named Maria Saban, who made it famous in the West. There are wide different varieties, and they are very versatile. The psychedelic properties enable one to spiritually connect to themselves from a place of love which can lead to profound healing and transformation.

Syrian Rue

Syrian rue is a plant that grows in parts of the United States, Asia, Africa, and Europe. The seeds heighten the serotonin levels for one to relax, and the psychedelic properties activate the third eye, stimulating visions. I combine the seed with psilocybin creating a medicine called Psilo-Syrian or Psiloy-Husca which you can read below what that is.


Psilo-Syrian Rue/ Psilohuasca

“Psilohuasca has a similar basis to Ayahuasca – it combines a psychedelic substance with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (the ‘-huasca’ part). However, the psychedelic substance used is psilocin (metabolized from psilocybin). This is combined with a plant that contains an MAO inhibitor; the ground-up seeds of Syrian rue are most commonly used.”

The journey itself is different from Ayahuasca. The medicine opens up another doorway of consciousness to travel, leading you back to the heart. This is where your subconscious will show you patterns that may need reconstruction. It is profoundly therapeutic, meditative, and great for people looking for a subtle and mild experience. 


Ayahuasca is known as the "vine of the soul," aka "Grandmother," made from the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and Psychotria viridis leaves, which grow predominantly in Brazil, Peru, and other regions of South America. It is a Master Teacher Plant to teach one about themselves and their spiritual connection.


The ceremony is of one's soul; therefore, everyone travels differently. The medicine will take people into the depths of their minds entering stages of consciousness that transform trauma into wisdom, fear into love, and pain into beauty. Since it is a Master Teacher plant, it is known to cure the mind and help one observe what they carry in the subconscious planes and activate remembrance. 


I co-facilitate these ceremonies with my mentor, who has served Ayahuasca for over 16 years.

This training is not part of the Ecology of Clinical Shamanism School. However, part of the training is participating in an Ayahuasca Ceremony.

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