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Experience yourself in the Wild and in the heart of Nature at the Oasis in the Mountains Retreat Center located in the Jamao Al Norte, Dominican Republic. This is a 7 Day Medicine Immersion Retreat for people who are ready to go deeper within themselves, bringing themselves into Wholeness and living from a place of Joy.


There will be a total of 7 Shamanic Ceremonies which include:


~ 3 Rapeh/Kambo Ceremonies

~ Psilocybin Ceremony

~Womb Ceremony

~ Ayahuasca 


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Along with  Shamanic Ceremonies you will connect with the Elements, rest and enjoy the fresh waters of the river and the local waterfalls.


Breath work and Yoga will be implemented daily along with Integration Circles.

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You will be properly nourished by Autum, Chef and Herbalist that follows the diet of the medicines as well as specializes in autoimmune issues and prides herself utilizing  local ingredients from the land.

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At the end the retreat there will be a celebration dinner and fire ceremony as we dance into the night.

Lodging Accommodations

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You will be staying in one of our Casitas, which is a shared space (2 beds), nestled in the jungle and minutes away from the river. It has a bathroom and plenty of closet space. This is a Semi-Off grid exercise which includes the following:


  • You will have some data access (depending upon your phone carrier)  but come prepared to connect with Nature, journal, and relax.

  • Electricity will go out from time to time but you will be provided with flashlights and solar lights inside the Casista.

  • We do not have hot water so you will bathe in fresh cool water. 

  • For emergencies you may use our internet located where we live which is a short walk.

Sample Itinerary:

This will/can change which I will send updates.


Day 1: Arrival/ Rest/ Pre integration Group/ Evening Yoga/Breathwork 

A meal will be served after your arrival. 

If you all arrive late at night ,we will have snacks located in your rooms.


Day 2:  Morning~Yoga/Rapeh & Kambo Ceremony

            Mid Morning~Afternoon: Lunch/Rest 

            Evening~Integration Group/ Rest/ 


Day 3:  Morning~ Yoga/Rapeh &Kambo Ceremony

            Mid Morning~Afternoon: Lunch/Rest/ 

            Evening~Integration Group/ Rest/ Psilocybin Ceremony


Day4: Morning~Yoga/ KamboCeremony/ 

            Mid Morning/Rest ~Small Lunch/ Rest

            Evening~ Pre Integration Group/ Meditation/ Ayahuasca Ceremony

This day you will only be served Kambo and eat a small lunch and fast for the rest of the day with water. 


Day 5: Morning~ Rest/ Integration

          Mid-Morning~Afternoon-Ocean/ Lunch

          Evening~ Microdose Class/ Dinner/Rest


Day 6: Morning-Temazcal

           Mid-Morning- Lunch/ Hike to Water

           Evening: Celebration Dinner/ Fire Ceremony Party


Day 7: Departure Day


~You will always have access to the beautiful river located right down the hill at your leisure.

~You can’t eat before certain ceremonies which I’ll remind you  prior to your arrival along with other instructions. After the ceremony you may eat or rest at your leisure.

~All meals will be served according to the times of the ceremony.




The closest airport is Cibao International Airport which will take roughly 1.5 hours to get to the Retreat Center.


The second closest is Puerto Plata International Airport which may take about 2 hours to the Retreat Center.(Transportation prices may change).

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  • Temperature is typically humid, 80’s and higher all year round so packing cool clothes is strongly recommended.

  • Ceremony clothes (optional)l (people typically wear white but whatever you prefer)

  • Water bottles

  • Toiletries/ Soap, lotion, etc.

  • Hiking shoes and Water shoes

  • Sandals/ Flip Flops

  • Mosquito Repellant

  • Bathing suits

  • Goggles or swim gear

  • Books/ Journal/ (optional)

  • Celebration Ceremony outfit (highly recommend but optional)

  • Allergy medication if you have seasonal allergies. 


Any other medication please let me know ahead of time because during the medicine retreat, it is strongly recommended that you do not use them.



If you are bringing money for an additional costs, I recommend using the ATM to get the money out directly versus getting an exchange at the airport because they charge more. When you get picked up at the airport, you can ask your driver to take you to a local ATM either Scotia Bank or Popular Bank.



If you don't speak Spanish, Google Translation goes a long way here. I highly recommend you download the app prior to coming.



Whats app is preferred. I highly recommend downloading the app as I’ll be creating a group for everyone to send updates, upload photos, and communicate. 



Transportation to and from the airport is $100 per person EACH way.

You will pay this directly to the driver as a separate cost. It is $100 one way and $100 back which is a total of $200 for each person. I work with a local driver Jose and his team which I will coordinate once I receive your flight details. He usually does a discount when people are being picked up/ dropped off at the same time. 


“Leading up to this retreat I knew I was being called to heal. I was nervous, excited, a little scared. Scared of myself, my traumas, the unknown.

I knew I would be facing discomfort in the midst of healing but the goal was to heal at all costs. So I booked what was to be the greatest journey of my life to date…


This bespoke retreat was perfectly curated to empower each individual to heal themselves using movement, introspection, nutrition and plant medicine as modalities. 


The setting could not be more idyllic, an Oasis in the Mountains, surrounded by the beauty of nature, completely removed from “the matrix”. The facilitators and animals that held space for us made me feel safe, heard and empowered. 


Lily built our confidence, knowledge and strength in her workshops as we dove deeper into understanding our nervous system, how to move our bodies in order to change our thoughts and reactions and how to figure out what it is our bodies need in each moment in order to feel safe and comfortable to facilitate growth. Every morning we prepared our minds and bodies with yoga in the morning sun, stretching our muscles and our consciousness. Learning to be present and at home in ourselves.


Autumn nourished us with whole and healthy food from the land. Picking fruit and vegetables around the area and preparing them to remedy each individuals needs. Aiding our bodies and minds in the healing process. She was not only a constant source of nurturing with her food, but a fountain of knowledge when it came to understanding how your body works and what we can nourish ourselves with in order to heal from the inside, out.


Frantzces honored our healing process by providing us with the tools and the knowledge to comfort and heal our inner child. Understanding what triggers my inner child and listening to what she needs in order to release traumas was a key part of my journey to healing. This journey wouldn’t have been possible without the tools I learned through Frantzces. I was able to self-soothe through some of the hardest lessons throughout this retreat and  will continue to grow with this skill set.


Taheera showed us how to be Warriors and Goddesses by truly embodying those spirits. She taught me how to be strong, how to stay balanced, how to release with grace, love fiercely and grow proudly. I have never felt more safe, loved, protected and held by a group of people as I did at this retreat. 


The most defining lesson I took away from this retreat is just how simple and accessible all these tools and lessons are. We have everything within us. Wherever we go, we take ourselves with us. We are home. Express gratitude and love regularly and the rest will follow.


I have noticed a major shift in myself since the retreat. I find myself a lot more calm and grounded. I feel I am able to handle anything that comes my way, no matter how difficult it may be. I feel like I am armored with tools and knowledge. I plan to embody this and grow with it for as long as it serves me.


This retreat was intricately created to facilitate self growth and healing, a gift to myself to expand my consciousness through discomfort as well as nurturing.

From the facilitators and their workshops, the accommodation, the mystical landscape, getting in touch with nature and taking it all the way back to basics. I feel like I was stripped down to my raw, most authentic self and was allowed to grow in complete synchronicity to nature and the vibration inside of me, allowing my outer and inner worlds to merge as one. Whole.


For anyone considering a retreat like this, come as you are. With an open mind and a desire to heal. Step into discomfort in order to bloom and remember the soul you already are. This is the greatest investment you can give yourself.


I can not express enough gratitude to the beautiful souls who created this safe container and held space for us to explore ourselves, the warriors that stood beside me as I went through the most powerful shift in my consciousness. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” ~Nicole 



1: Fill out the Questionnaire. 

2. Once application is received, I will send you the link to sign up for your Soul Session.

3. We will discuss briefly any concerns you may have is when you make your 




Option 1:









REMAINING BALANCE can be abducted automatically every month which we will discuss during your Soul Session. 


If a emergency comes up and you can't make it, you can transfer the remaining balance (after the $500) over to a future retreat.

Spots are limited to 8 people.

No Financial Assistance available.

Please fill out the form below.

We look forward to serving you!


      Any additional questions, contact us

Thanks for submitting!


About the Facilitator

Taheera is an Shaman, Kambo Practitioner, and Clinical Trained Therapist who has been working in the healing field for over 21 years.  She holds 2 Masters Degrees one in Professional Counseling with a specialization in Trauma and another one in Human Services specializing in Addiction and is a E.M.D.R. Certified Therapist. She is the founder of the Ecology of Clinical Shamanism Institute, a 2 year Apprenticeship where women and men learn about Shamanism, Metaphysics, get trained in Shamanic Earth Medicines, and become Integration Coaches. Taheera has also completed Metaphysical Trainings ranging from Past Life Regression, Akashic Records, Angel Healing and is a Reiki Master.


Taheera holds most retreats at her retreat space, Oasis en las Montañas (Oasis in the Mountains) in the Dominican Republic where she lives. She studies with her current mentor Joel Villayamor, an Ayahuasca Shaman who has been working with the plant for over 17 years as well as participated in trainings with the Late Elder Malidoma Patrice Some, an African Shaman who inspired her to be bridge the worlds of Clinical and Shamanic Application. She continues to be a student as she shares her wisdom of the Goddess, helping people come back to Balance, Wholeness and Joy.

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