The Kaxinawa of Peru were known as warriors and remained isolated in the virgin forest where they navigated the rivers. Overtime, they seek assistance with outside civilization which did cause consequences but remain sustainable. The Kaxinawá affirm that the true shamans, the mukaya, those who had in themselves the bitter and shamanic substance called muka, died, but that fact does not prevent them from practicing other forms of shamanism.


Kaxinawa 7 Ervas

Intensity: Very Strong

Main properties: cleansing energry, inner power, concentration

Strong impact zone: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra

Tribe: Kaxinawa


This particular Rapeh connects one to a strong spiritual connection wiping out negative energies from day to day.

It is made from cacao, murici, sanu, ground tobacco and a blend of three herbs called ninssural. It has light and pleasent mint smell.


20grams: $100

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Kaxinawa 7 Ervas Rapeh

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