The Kuntanawa tribe in Brazil, call themselves the  "Coconut People", and have always used plants to connect with mother earth and the spirit world. They have healed their entire tribes with their own traditional medicine and hold a great respect for their spiritual practices. 


Kuntanawa Veia De Paje

Intensity:  Very strong (Advanced)

Main properties: Deep, Ancestors, Roots , Very intense

Strong impact zone: Heart Chakra

Tribe: Kuntanawa

This particular Rapeh connects us with the roots, ancestors, earth, and the animal kingdom. It is known to be used for advanced scholars because of the great wisdom it holds. It is known to attract both positive and negative energy. The leaves of Veia de Pajé resemble a heart, which resemble the  boa constrictor.


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Kuntanawa Veia De Paje’

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