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The Huni Kuin Cumaru Rapé snuff is prepared with Cumaru (Dipteryx odorata)  ashes. According to Huni Kuin indigenous knowledge “Cumaru is a tree that does not rot, as it is ‘very true,’” which is their way of saying that it is one of the hardest woods in the forest. The Huni Kuin also believe that it possesses the wisdom of many enchantments. Her strength associated with spiritual protection and the power to fight off the evil eye. In Portuguese they call it Cumaru Ferro, meaning Cumaru Iron. Iron in this case being a reference to its hardness and weight. In general harder woods make better ashes, there is something in the density of the grain that makes it a strong ash that gives durability and power to the medicine.


Kuntanawa Veia De Paje

Intensity:  Very strong (Advanced)

Main properties: Deep, Ancestors, Roots , Very intense

Strong impact zone: Heart Chakra

Tribe: Kuntanawa

This particular Rapeh connects us with the roots, ancestors, earth, and the animal kingdom. It is known to be used for advanced scholars because of the great wisdom it holds. It is known to attract both positive and negative energy. The leaves of Veia de Pajé resemble a heart, which resemble the  boa constrictor.


20grams: $100

Order before June 25th, and it will be shipped the week of June of 27th.



Cumaru Rapeh

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