Ayahuasca within itself is a Master Plant of the Forest which means the vine of the soul or the vine with a soul.  The ingredients also include the chacruna plant which also has DMT. The DMT is what creates the experience and when taking in ceremonial doses it causes one to go through a journey into one's own psyche and soul. DMT is a psychedelic that infuses within our own  DMT as certain parts of the brain relax to access  higher level consciousness. 


Taking Micro Aya has short and long term benefits including  regenerating beta cells, stimulates pineal gland, deepens meditation,  and improves overall perception of life.

You will receive 20grams which is about a 2 month supply.


Order before June 25th, and it will be shipped the week of June of 27th.


  •  *Microdose of Ayahuasca*

     *Presentation:* Powder

    *Content:* 20 grams approximately.

     *Form of preparation to consume:* "Tea infusion"

     *Dosage:* 0.5 grams, 1 g, 2 g, 3 g.

     (Variable according to each organism)

     *Step by Step:*

     A small pinch of the powder is removed from the Ayahuasca microdose pot and placed in a cup without moisture, then boiling water is added and the cup is covered with a saucer, leaving it to rest for 7 minutes and then begin to consume lukewarm without straining. the tea to consume.

     *Administration:* 1 time per day on an empty stomach in the morning.

     *Limited Edition:* I only have a limited amount available to meet the people who have been truly waiting for this presentation to be ready.


     (approximately 20 grams pot)

    1 small spoonful of tea in 1 liter of water is for approximately 8 cups.

     Approximately 67 cups come out of 1 pot of 20 grams.

     What it means is that consuming daily can last more than 2 months and approximately seven days.