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Ayahuasca within itself is a Master Plant of the Forest which means the “Vine of the Soul” or the “Vine with a Soul.” The ingredients also include the chacruna plant, which has DMT. The DMT creates the experience, and when taken in ceremonial doses it causes one to go through a journey into one's psyche and soul. DMT is a psychedelic that infuses within our own DMT as certain parts of the brain relax to access higher-level consciousness.


Taking Micro Ayahuasca has short and long-term benefits, including regenerating beta cells, stimulating the pineal gland, deepening meditation, and improving overall perception of life. The brew is made specifically for Micro-Dosing.


With your purchase, you will receive an instructional book that provides you with step-by-step instructions as to how to work with the medicine along with best practices. 



Golden Vine Tea/ Microdose Ayahuasca

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