Yawanawa is known as swordsmen, and is a  small tribe with 1,300 figures, living in small villages along the Gregorio River.  Yawanawa was the first tribe that initiated a woman to become a shaman, constituting a great illustration in the history of witches. In their language, Rapé is called Rume. 


​​Yawanana Traditional Rapeh

Intensity: Very strong

Main properties: deep meditation, healing, purification, feminine energy.

Strong impact zone: crown chakra, third eye chakra

Tribe: Yawanawa

Beautiful feminine rapeh which is also known as the “Warrior Princess”. Good for realigning, connecting to the power of the feminine energies. This rapeh gives great insight on gifts of music and signing.


20 grams: $100


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​​Yawanana Traditional Rapeh

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