The Katukina Tribe, like all tribes in the jungle, has suffered due to the rubber industry. However today, they are safe aln live alongside the Yawanawa Tribe. The Katukina tribe is one of the few tribes that have managed to keep their language intact. Tradition is very important to this tribe. They have extensive knowledge of plants and the spirit of the world. There's strong and deep, holding the wild and powerful spirit of the jungle within.


Katukina Eucalipto (Eucalyptus) Hape

Intensity:  Mid strong 

Main properties: restores balance, grounding, feminine energy

Strong impact zone: Root Chakra

Tribe: Katukina

Eucalyptus has very beautiful medicinal values along with antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps clear the airway and it deepens the connection to the body.


20 grams: $100


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Katukina Eucalyptus Rapeh