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Golden Vine Tea Back in Stock!
Orders will be shipped in the second week of August.

Ayahuasca within itself is a Master Plant of the Forest which means the “Vine of the Soul” or the “Vine with a Soul.” The ingredients also include the chacruna plant which has DMT. The DMT is what creates the experience and when taking in ceremonial doses it causes one to go through a journey into one's own psyche and soul. DMT is a psychedelic that infuses within our own DMT as certain parts of the brain relax to access higher level consciousness.


What makes our Microdose Blend different?

Our Microdose Blend is made up of Banisteriopsis Caapi which is the Ayahuasca and the Chacruna the Psychotria Viridis which creates the Tea.


Joel Villamayor, my teacher and Ayahuasca Shaman makes the tea, and adds his spiritual foundation to compliment the essence of the tea which includes: preparation of a fast, songs and prayers to call in the strengths of the plants, and drinking plenty of Ayahuasca to tune in with the medicine as he prepares it.


Benefits include but not limited to:

~Promotes the regeneration of beta cells.

~Improves the perception of quality of life.

~Reverse conditions of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress, panic disorder, emotional trauma.

~Promotes conscious awakening of Kundalini energy

~Improves lucid dreaming

- Collaborates in a stimulation to protect against neurodegeneration.

- Promotes the creation of new glandular systems.

- Collaborates with the natural release of serotonin in the brain, thus establishing a favorable natural environment to reverse conditions of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress, panic disorder, emotional trauma.


Micro-Ayahuasca is a Spiritual Medicine

What I feel needs to be mentioned as well is the major difference between taking processed medication versus Shamanic Earth Medicine. When you decide to work with Ayahuasca you are forming a connection to an Ancient Spirit of the Natural World. This connection helps one to connect to the Soul while the Spirit navigates the process.


There are not enough words to express what this medicine can do. Science continues to try to catch up with what our Ancestors knew about these plants but their research can’t grasp the vastness of them. It's like putting our Spirits and Souls in a container to be studied. It can’t be done and when you honor yourself as a Spirit, you honor the connection and it's vastness.



"Since the retreat I have started micro-dosing ayahuasca. I have noticed my perspectives shifting and my outlook is a lot happier and positive.

I used to suffer from anxiety, I have been micro-dosing for a month now and I have not experienced even a hint of anxiety."


"Mama Aya is keeping me on my toes and making shit clear while sometimes creating tornadoes to clear what is necessary. Her essence is so gentle and loving."


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In Conclusion:


Working with Ayahuasca the Vine of the Soul is a process of a “Homecoming and expansion of Consciousness.” Working with the Tea form makes it more accessible for anybody who is wanting to break old habits, emotionally balance, and open oneself to a deeper connection to the World.


There is 20 grams per pod  so 1 spoonful of tea in 1 liter of water is approximatedy 8 cups. Approximately 67 cups out of 1 pot of 20 grams. This means that your pod should last more than 2 months and approximately 7 days.


To make your purchase please click on the link below. With your purchase you will receive an instructional book that provides you with step by step instructions as to how to work with the medicine along with best


We ship Internationally and details on shipping dates is on the sales page.


Q. Am I taking a Drug?

A. No, the tea is completely safe and is considered an entheogen which means it's completely natural.


Q.Can I make my own Micro-Ayahuasca?

A. It is not recommended to make your own Micro-Ayahuasca tea. As prescribed in the above content, the preparation of formulating the teas takes time, initiations working with the plant itself, the essence of the medicine, as well as having a spiritual foundation of working with the plant. 


Q. How many times should I take the Micro-Ayahuasca Tea?

A. Taking as prescribed, which is daily for the approximate amount of 2 months and 1 week is very beneficial to one's own healing process.


Q. Can the Micro-Ayahuasca Tea make me feel worse or cause me to break out or have allergic reactions?

A. You are working with the Vine of the Soul which is a direct connection to your Soul. Therefore anything that comes up is a reflection. Ayahuasca is a deep cleanser of the Soul, Heart, and Psyche so when emotional feelings come up, it means it's time to process them. If you experience a break out, it's toxin energy that is trying to find a way to come out of the body. This is why it's recommended to work with a Trained Integration Coach in the E.C.S. Institute to support you as you things come up.


Q. If I’m on any psychotropic medications, can I still drink the Micro-Ayahuasca Tea?

A. Yes you can, however, there is a specific protocol that one follows which is instructed by the Trained Integration Coach

Q.Should I refrain from recreational drugs during my time working with the Tea?

A. Working with medicine has a way of making you become more aware of certain habits/patterns that are not in alignment to your expansion process. Therefore refraining from anything including recreational drugs will naturally become a part of your process.


Q. Will the tea make me experience hallucinations?

A. No, the tea will not make you experience hallucinations because it is not prepared the same way a Ceremonial Tea is in an Ayahuasca Ceremony.


Q. Can I function in my daily activities such as go to work, exercise, or drive a car?

A. Yes you will be able to function in your daily activities however it is still recommended that you give yourself time to sit with the medicine in the morning before going into another task. This is why I recommend a Morning Ceremony with Tea to connect with how your mind, body, and spirit respond.

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